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Meet Sjoukje! She’s an all-round marketing professional with profound experience in project management, digital marketing and content marketing. She’s a digital native with a creative mindset, who can definitely support your company in achieving its marketing goals. 

Looking for a customer driven, dynamic and creative marketing soul? Sjoukje to the rescue! 

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4P square café: Effective communication and project management

4P square café: Effective communication and project management On November 16th, we held a 4P square café. This is an intern event we organise 2-monthly with all our colleagues, consultants and freelancers so we can stay in touch with eachother during extern projects. This time, we invited Ronald De Keersmaeker as speaker. With 11 years experience as a speaker and business coach in his own company and a decade leading international projects, Ronald De Keersmaeker noticed that communication is very important. He gave us insights into communication and project management and handed us practical tools to improve our communication. Key takeaways: Communication and project management Jump Out or Stay Hidden:  Smooth Communication is Key About the author Learn more about Jennifer In the fast-paced world of project management, the need for effective communication cannot be overstated. Ronald emphasized the importance of making communication stand out while ensuring it flows seamlessly within the team. Awareness: Unlocking the next level in projects and marketing Communication is the key to taking your projects and marketing efforts to the next level. Ronald encouraged us to be aware of the impact our communication style has on our successes. Competent leadership: Sympathetic dominance Ronald introduced us

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Marketing consultant and marketing agency

What are the benefits of combining a consultant and marketing agency?

4P square & Yungo: a complementary collaboration Introduction In this fast-paced business, effective marketing strategies are the key to succesful business growth. A unique approach that is proving to be quite effective is combining the strengths of internal marketing consultants with external marketing agencies. This hybrid approach offers dynamic results that push companies to the top. Having a marketing agency on hand and adding a temporary marketing consultant can lead to a fruitful collaboration that enhances your company’s marketing initiatives. Let’s investigate the various benefits of this tactical collaboration and the respective contributions offered by each. Yungo and our internal marketing consultants are thoroughly exploring a hybrid approach at 4P square, allowing us to achieve new heights. Understanding the roles About the author Learn more about Kelly Marketing agency Yungo: External expertise and resources Yungo, an award-winning disruptive marketing agency, offers a range of services, from digital marketing to content creation, advertising, and more. For example, they have a highly skilled in-house video team that excels at creating impressive videos for various purposes.    Here’s how they complement our 4P square marketing consultants during a project at your company: Specialized skills: Yungo has a dedicated team with in-depth knowledge in many

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How to avoid ‘fast quitters’?

The issue of ‘fast quitters’ and how to avoid it One in six (16.8%) contracts of indefinite duration are terminated within six months. A shocking number revealed by our client Securex, after a survey of nearly 60.000 Belgian employees who received an open-ended contract in 2022. While one in three cases involves dismissal by the employer, the majority of people are ’fast quitters‘, who voluntarily decide to quit after a short time. A worrying trend in times where good marketeers are scarce and expensive.   Impact of fast quitters on your marketing department The consequences of unsuccessful hires cannot be underestimated. Hiring and properly training new employees not only comes with a large financial cost, but also requires significant time investments from colleagues. If the contract is terminated early, these investments have not paid off, and on top of that, there is often a severance payment. To make things worse, the search for a new employee has to start all over again, while colleagues have to take up the work of the employee who has left, causing additional workload and stress. About the author Learn more about Kim Sustainable recruitment of new marketeers To avoid the burden of fast quitters, sustainably recruiting new marketeers is essential. This starts with the careful selection of possible candidates, to ensure they

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Blog overview

What is the corporate culture at 4P square?

Corporate culture at 4P square What is a corporate culture? A corporate culture refers to the shared values and norms within an organisation. It is crucial because it affects the way you as an employee collaborate, perform, and feel connected to the organisation.A strong corporate culture can contribute to an organisation’s success, while a weak culture can have negative consequences. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker About the author Learn more about Lotte The five core values of 4P square 1. Engagement Creating a sense of community is essential within 4P square. This is reinforced by a range of initiatives, such as: Team building events Ambassify WhatsApp groups for questions 4P square cafés Monthly team lunches … Although you will often work on projects at external clients, we continue to actively invest in this community-oriented approach to maintain and strengthen your connection with your 4P square colleagues. The 5 core values of 4P square 2. Respect Naturally, we consider mutual respect enormously important. You are given every opportunity to be heard and understood. We also place great importance on inclusive marketing and promoting a multicultural working environment. 3. Excellence At 4P square, excellence translates into high-quality service to

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Collega's van 4P square

5 reasons to start working as a marketing consultant at 4P square  

Whether you are a marketer with several years of experience or you’re just taking your first steps in the marketing world, choosing the right company to work for as a marketing consultant is not easy. Therefore, we’re giving you five main reasons to go for a career at 4P square. 1. You keep growing, thanks to the Personal Learning Passport 4P square finds the growth and development of its consultants extremely important. That’s why from day one, you will be given a Personal Learning Passport (PLP) to identify opportunities for growth. The PLP includes not only your knowledge of various marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Meta, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, but also experience in consulting skills such as lead generation, leadership, etc. About the author Learn more about Ann Thanks to my personal learning passport, it’s easy to keep track of my own development. It gives a clear overview of my strengths and of the marketing skills that I wish to further develop in the future”, Emma Demuynck, marketing consultant for 4P square. The result of the PLP? You immediately have a clear picture of your knowledge and experience. After determining your current competences and skills, a personal training plan is drawn up.

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corporate social responsibility

What steps is 4P square taking in corporate social responsibility?

4P square is taking its first steps to commit to to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and we do this through three initiatives. We want to cover 15.000 km via physical activities such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. as a team. We want to drive electric at least 30% of the time. On top of that, each team member has to collect litter and dispose of one rubbish bag. Why commit to CSR as a company? Three out of four Belgian companies believe that taking up social responsibility (also known as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’) pays off in the long run. This is according to CSR Monitor’s survey of 640 Belgian companies. By engaging in CSR as a company, you contribute to society, motivate your employees, and attract new talent. About the author Learn more about Ann Our 3 corporate social responsibility initiatives  We are launching three CSR initiatives this year. Through these actions, we aim to raise money for charity while contributing to our community and the well-being of society. A generous amount will be donated for each annual goal achieved. And if we achieve all of our goals, we will go the extra mile, and double the donation to the selected charity. Electric miles

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