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Client testimonial by Securex

Recently we have inteviewed Patrick Ghyllebert, Marketing Director at Securex, one of our clients in the Human Resources industry. Securex has been a trusted partner for many years now, thanks to several 4P square consultants working successfully on numerous projects. 

We are proud to share this client testimonial and how 4P square services have helped the marketing department of Securex.

Human Resources
Function title
Marketing Director

"4P square consultants have the skills and competences to work on different types of projects."

Client testimonial by Patrick Ghyllebert

Our strong partnership goes way back. 4P square was already here when I started at Securex five years ago. So, I think that our collaboration must have been here for seven or eight years already.

We contact 4P square when we have a need for operational marketers. 4P square, as a consulting company, has a good pool of consultants who are very operational. For us, it’s firstly very important to work with people who understand what marketing is about, and secondly also with people who can integrate into our team quickly. The consultants we hire from 4P square integrate quickly into our teams because they have the skills and competences to work on the projects that we ask them to.

In the recent past, we have had several consultants from 4P square in a variety of mostly operational marketing roles.

Firstly, because 4P square has a wide pool of available talents. The flexibility and finding the right talents, with the right profile, for the right job is not an issue for 4P square. Secondly, the quality of consultants coming from 4P square is always above my expectations. They simply always manage to deliver qualitative talents for each project.

I would give 4P square consultants a overall  four or five-star rating.


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