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Client testimonial by Saxo Bank

Recently we have interviewed Eddy Van Geyte, Head of Marketing at Saxo Bank, one of our clients in the banking industry. Saxo Bank has been a trusted partner for many years now, thanks to several consultants working successfully on numerous business projects. 

We are proud to share this client testimonial and how 4P square services have helped the marketing department of Saxo Bank.

“4P square consultants are of high quality and immediately deployable.”

Saxo Bank Belgium


Function title
Head of Marketing

4P square is a trusted partner for more than five years now. They support us with Interim Management and Business Consulting services.

4P square consultants are of high quality and immediately deployable. Before you know, they become a natural force within your marketing team. They are highly motivated, proactive and they have gathered the required skills and professional training.

In the recent past we have had several consultants from 4P square in a variety of roles ranging from content marketeers and general marketeers to mere marketing specialists.

Companies are heavily struggling to find the time, energy, and resources to attract the right profiles. 4P square has the unique ability to fulfill those needs fast, and it has the highest standards of quality, service and flexibility.

I would give 4P square a five-star rating as they play an important role in their industry and ours.


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