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We interviewed Mark Daemen, Strategy & Innovation Director at Roularta Advertising, the advertising saleshouse of Roularta Media Group. We are proud to share his praising testimonial on Kim Claessens‘ project as a temporary Communication & PR Expert

“We ticked off so many boxes: working on our tone of voice, establishing new channels, really focusing on events. All of this deserves a thousand stars.”

Roularta Advertising

Communication & Insights

Function title
Strategy & Innovation Director

Kim has been active in our organisation for eight months. In our case, it was primarily to bridge a time gap between two people, but we found that she set the bar so high during that period, that the search for a permanent employee was also done to that same standard. That’s why it took us a long time to find a worthy successor.

First of all, Kim set up some new trajectories. We are using more and more platforms to communicate. We also set up a couple of big events, one on luxury and one on our decision makers study. Also some smaller events, sector-linked or for internal stakeholders, to strengthen those ties as well.

Kim is very strong in both internal and external communication. She has a distinctive tone of voice. She also knows how to distill the most important points from research and turn that into a compelling story. So storytelling is definitely one of the qualities we have been able to deploy over the last few months.

It’s always good to have new blood in your organization. In this case, a consultant. A consultant brings experiences from other parties, and because these are often shorter assignments, you feel that diversity reflected. In any case, an outside view on your organization, where there are people with some seniority, is always interesting.

I can definitely recommend 4P square. I think it’s always good to look at “What needs do you have yourself? Who is being offered to you?”. That’s where we found that 4P square matches your requirements perfectly to their profiles. We only saw and heard relevant consultants for the role.

Instead of giving one, two, three, four or five stars, I would opt to give a thousand stars. We did so much in that somewhat short time, eight months. I think we ticked off a lot of what we wanted to accomplish: working on our tone of voice, establishing new channels, really focusing on events. I can really only say that all of this deserves a thousand stars. Thank you very much.


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