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Personal learning passport

What is a PLP?

Step 1: how does it work?

Personal SWOT analysis

During your first week of onboarding at 4P square, the Talent Development manager will discuss your personal learning passport. Consider this as a personal SWOT analysis to highlight:

  • What are your current strengths and weaknesses?
  • In which competence domains of an all-round marketeer do you want to gain more knowledge and professional expertise?

Step 2: how does it work?

Personal development initiatives

Once defined your strengths and weaknesses, your voice of the consultant will be heard. You can suggest for which competence domains of an all-round marketeer, you’d like to grow more knowledge during the next 12 months. 

In close cooperation with the Talent Development manager you will determine which personal development initiatives such as trainings and acquiring certificates will be taken to improve your consultant skills and expertise.

Step 3: how does it work?

Personal follow up meetings

Every year there are recurrent individual follow up meetings scheduled with you to monitor the progress of your personal learning passport and, if needed, also adjustments can be made throughout the year.

In doing so, 4P square is able to transform every consultant into a T-shaped profile who is ready to tackle a wide range of marketing – and other business challenges.

What's in it for you?

Benefits for you as a consultant

Consultants can actively participate in determining which competence domains they want to grow to become even more successfull in servicing clients.

Your personal learning passport allows you to permanently monitor your strengths and weaknesses.

4P square offers you the opportunity to actively invest in your personal development and hence create an added business value in every customer assignment.

How do consultants feel about PLP?


The personal learning passport allows me to develop my knowledge and skills in the best possible way. It makes me a better consultant in the longer term.

Raquel Moeyaert

Interested in becoming a marketing consultant?

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