Client testimonial by Ordina

Recently we have inteviewed Monika van Hoogenvest, Chief Marketing Officer at Ordina, one of our clients in the IT industry. Ordina has been a trusted partner for +1 year now, thanks to several consultants working successfully on numerous business projects. 

We are proud to share this client testimonial and how 4P square services have helped the marketing department of Ordina.

Function title
Chief Marketing Officer

"4P square consultants are an added value to my team because they have the 'can do' mentality"

Client testimonial by Monika van Hoogenvest

Ordina has been partnering with 4P square for around 1 year

I found them very proactive, I thought they were real professionals in their field of expertise and very pleasant to work with. They are an added value to my team because they absolutely have a ‘can do‘ mentality. 

The consultants I have been working with mainly solve problems because we had to launch a new website for example and one of the consultants came in as a product owner with a lot of experience about websites. Someone else I’m thinking of, because we always work with consultants as individuals, was a lady who did a lot of things within labor marketing communications, it was spread all throughout Ordina. She was able to bring it back together and bring some structure.    

I would recommend 4P square consultants because of the ‘can do’ mentality. They came in and they fixed a problem within a very short time frame.   

The number of stars I would rank 4P square is 4. The reason why is, I would say all the things I said before. They are real professionals, they come in, they have a ‘can do’ mentality, they fixed problems I had, and they brought just a lot of experience from the past.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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