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"An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without one"

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Kim is a passionate, driven and creative marketing consultant. She is particularly interested in content creation, persuasive communication and copywriting

Kim completed her Masters in Corporate Communications at KU Leuven with great distinction, and even won the Kortom dissertation award with her thesis in the field of evidence-based strategic communication  – definitely a high-achiever. During her studies, Kim did an internship at creative agency Bridgeneers, where she got a first taste of what it’s like to be a copywriter  – and it tasted like more. 

Kim kicked off her consulting career as a Marketing Officer at Securex, after which she got to live her dream as a Communication and PR Expert at Roularta Advertising. Thanks to her enthusiasm and gift for communicating relevantly in the right tone of voice, Kims previous clients continue to speak very highly of her and would without a doubt recommend her

Right now, Kim is very much looking forward to her next assignment, where she can use her communication skills to make a real difference. For you?

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