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Look no further, 4P square is the leading consulting firm in Belgium, providing marketing and sales consulting and interim management to over 1,500 top companies in the Benelux region for almost 20 years.

If you thrive in dynamic work environments and want to take your career to the next level, apply now to join our 4P team. Explore our marketing job openings and discover the opportunities.

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Always wanted to find out whether a marketing consultancy job is your cup of tea?

Take your chance and participate in a small scale marketing and sales related networking event. Maybe you will be our next team member.

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You are invited to our exclusive webinar “Start to Freelance in Marketing” on Thursday June 23rd, 2022.

Starting your own freelance business as a marketing consultant can be discouraging. Have you ever asked yourself where to begin? What type of business would be right? How do I attract customers? How much should I charge for my services?

During this free webinar, you will get answers to all your questions, meet other marketing professionals and you will receive the trust and inspiration to start your own business.

Find more info and subscribe on our Eventbrite Eventpage. 

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Frequently asked questions

To start a career in marketing, consider obtaining a degree in marketing, business, or a related field and seeking out internships or entry-level marketing positions to build your portfolio. Networking and building relationships within the industry can also be beneficial for advancing your career.

To succeed in a marketing career, you’ll need a combination of technical and soft skills. Technical skills include data analysis, market research, and digital marketing expertise. Soft skills such as creativity, communication, and critical thinking are also essential. Additionally, having a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies is important. By developing these skills, you can become an allround marketeer.

There are many different career options within the field of marketing, each with their own unique benefits and challenges. One option to consider is marketing consulting. It offers  a great balance between creativity and business strategy.

As a marketing consultant, you will work with a variety of clients to help them develop and implement effective marketing strategies.