Expanding possibilities of our customers is the shared mission


We strongly believe in expanding your possibilities as a shared mission. This is why 4P square is a preferred partner as consultancy in marketing and sales. 

Bottom line impact

Higher revenue is a result of focused actions: get more clients, keep clients more loyal, make clients more profitable and reduce marketing & sales costs through higher efficiency and a more effective marketing & sales organisation

Unique marketing & sales knowledge

Marketing & sales methodologies with proven results and best practices that boost the results of your marketing & sales activities

Enriching cross-industrial experience

Take benefit of international cross-industry experience and success stories with very large companies in order to improve your own marketing & sales results

Flexible standby team

Within 48 hours additional experienced and engaged people for every marketing or sales need. This results in continuity, extra implementation power, extra project management power if you need to launch new (large) projects

Strategy and/or delivery

We advise you what to do and can help you implement it with experienced interim managers and/or project managers in an efficient and effective way, in order to make sure that you get the results you want

Bottom Line Impact
Competitive advantages - This is how we make the difference
  • With dedicated account managers, customer centricity is in the core of our organisation.
  • We support our consultants with a dedicated talent manager. His responsibility is to ensure the best cross-match between the assignment and the consultant.
  • Customer satisfaction is > 90% for > 10 years.
12 Key Facts to support our claim of excellence


  • 90% customer satisfaction and more, for over 10 years
  • Served over 20% of BEL20 and 11% of top 50 companies in Belgium
  • Over 200 projects implemented for more than 100 clients in 10 countries over the last 15 years


  • Total network of +1500 consultants
  • 150 consultants proposed more than once a year for client assignments
  • 60 consultants on regular assignments with 4P square since 2011
  • 90% of 4P square consultants get project extension


  • Quality guarantee certificate QFor for the 4th time in a row since 2002
  • Skills and knowledge development through knowledge cafés, 6 master classes and one bootcamp, every year
  • Developed over 10 methodologies and 100 best practices in marketing & sales
  • 15 years of continued profitability and financial health
  • Founding partner of BAM, the new Belgian Association of Marketing