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Why do we consider a marketing tool such as Showpad as a solution and what’s in for you?

  • it will align and synchronize your marketing and sales activities
  • it will improve your sales in an efficient and effective way
  • it will give you the detailed insights of your customers’ behaviour, trends and needs

Stop worrying about whether sales reps are using the most recent or on-brand materials in meetings. Any edits made to whitepapers, videos, presentation decks, and other materials are instantly updated for sales, so that you never have a problem with version control.

Stack-rank which content salespeople use – or don’t – in meetings, and see which materials actually helped to close deals. Create a product marketing strategy based on real insights, like how much revenue a piece of content contributed to during the sales process. At the end of the day, it’s also about increasing customer value.

With Content Recommendations, marketing can guide sales to the right story for every situation – by industry, persona, company size, and more. Even better, the recommendations become smarter as salespeople use them, so no need to meticulously update regularly.

We strongly believe that the collaboration with Showpad will allow your company  to implement an innovative and smart solution for all kind of marketing and sales activities.

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