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Time to achieve your goals with strategy consulting

Do you need strategy consulting and advice in (digital) marketing, sales, customer management, PR or communication? Our strategy consultants help you build differentiating and sustainable strategic marketing plans.

To outperform your competitors and to build profitable customer relationships, let us help you with:

• your core business,
• your customer experience and relationships,
• the synergy between your different channels,
• the digital era and digital transformation,
• potential clients and the way to acquire, keep and increase them,
• marketing performance

We can help you achieve your goals.

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Looking for a top-notch strategy consulting firm? We can help to expand your possibilities with the following key strategy consulting specialties:

Marketing and sales strategy

We help you develop your strategy to realise maximum growth, acquire and retain loyal and profitable customers and build a strong brand.

Customer value strategy

We advise you so you can maximize the total customer lifetime value. We optimize the customer experience through the whole customer journey, resulting in maximum loyalty and profitability.

Omnichannel strategy

Create and maintain an environment for your customers where they can experience a seamless integration of all sales & communication channels. Deliver your customer experience, lower your cost to serve, drive your growth targets.

Digital marketing strategy

Get advice in optimizing your marketing strategy in a digital era with the aim of creating a state-of-the-art marketing plan.

B2B Lead generation

We advise you with setting up a lead generation programme covering the marketing and sales process. As a result, qualified leads are maximized.

Marketing performance management

We help you define your marketing & sales objectives which support your strategy. The necessary metrics and dashboard will be defined too in order to measure your performance against your objectives.

Fluctuating workloads or missing key people? Need support? Make sure to have a look at our interim management solutions.

Interim Management

What are your benefits when teaming up with a strategy consulting firm?

Companies like yours want to stand out in their market. With the support of a strategy consulting firm your company can outperform competition and yet achieve better results.

A strategy consulting firm offers both a short term and longterm solution which will certainly please your stakeholders, your management team and eventually your directors.

4P square has got a proven track record of successful assignments at top 1500 companies in the Benelux, we are proud to achieve 90% customer satisfaction with 90% of our clients for over 15 years.

As strategy consulting firm in marketing and sales, we span the entire marketing & sales value chain: market and business intelligence, marketing and sales strategy, marketing and sales planning, … As explained in following summary of our key strategy consulting specialties: