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In this marketing survey report, you will gain the insights of 100+ Belgian CMO’s about the following social trends:

  • The importance of privacy
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Global warming
  • The sharing economy
  • Ageing
  • Cultural diversity and equality
  • Blockchain
  • Your online reputation
  • Generation Z
  • New video experiences

The scope of the survey

For the second edition of the Belgian CMO Marketing survey, 4P Square gained insights about important trends in marketing from Belgian’s top CMO’s.

The point of departure was to identify 10 social trends which concern us all on a global scale and how these trends create an impact on the role of a Chief Marketing Officer. The key challenges were to evaluate how well companies are performing on the marketing derivatives of  these social trends and where there is room for improvement.

Results open the way to new insights

The most important trend by far was “The importance of privacy“. This was no surprise, as 2018 was the year that the new data regulation become apparent. Companies were required to comply with strict regulations to better protect and respect privacy. More than 50% of the CMO’s indicated that they had already spent more than 10.000 euro to be GDPR compliant. 1 in 5 companies openly admits that they are still not fully compliant.

The industrial revolution 4.0” was the second most important trend. A fourth industrial revolution is transforming economies, jobs and even society itself by combining physical and digital technologies through analytics, AI, cognitive technologies and the Internet of Things. The biggest challenge for marketing managers today is dominating this revolution, for instance with marketing automation. According to the findings, marketing automation is becoming indespendable. The collection of data allows for a better matchmaking between consumer needs and products or services. So, in this way, involvement is automatically increased.

The third most important trend was “Global warming“. Companies are ever so aware of this trend: 88% of the CMO’s considers or is already using material with low impact on the environment. Still, only 40% is convinced that this will persuade consumers of buying your products or services. This is remarkable, since for 17% of the consumers, the environment-friendly aspect plays a deciding factor when purchasing a product.

The great Belgian CMO marketing survey … What’s in the name?

The main difference compared to other marketing related surveys, is the target group of respondents. We were ideally looking to get answers from respondents:

  • occupying senior roles in marketing or marketeers with a senior managerial role only
  • working at Belgian Top 1500 companies

Our partners:

Logo BAMLogo Trends Business Information

  • Trends Business Information – Data partner. The delivery of a qualified database with details of the target group. More than 70% of our respondents did match to the seeked CMO-profile.
  • The Belgian Association of Marketing – Structural partner. This marketing survey has been drawn to the attention of the target group accross all their digital touchpoints.

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