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Allow us first to remind you about the scope of this Belgian CMO marketing survey:

“a set of key marketing trends have been carefully selected based on torough study.  The key challenges were to evaluate how well companies are performing on the selected trends and where there’s room for improvement.”

In this report, you will gain interesting insights about the following marketing trends:

  1. Marketing automation
  2. Big data
  3. Programmatic buying
  4. Omni-channel
  5. Content marketing
  6. Personalisation
  7. Social Media marketing
  8. Virtual reality
  9. Mobile marketing
  10. and of course GDPR

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The great Belgian CMO marketing survey … What’s in the name?

The main difference compared to other marketing related surveys, is the target group of repondents. For this yearly marketing survey, we were ideally looking to get answers from respondents:

  • occupying senior roles in marketing or marketeers with a senior managerial role only
  • working at Belgian Top 1000 companies

Our partners:

  • Trends Business Information – Data partner. The delivery of a qualified database with details of the target group. More than 70% of our respondents did match to the seeked CMO-profile.
  • GfK – Research partner. The reliability of the answers were ensured by the expertise and the applied methodology.
  • The Belgian Association of Marketing – Structural partner. This marketing survey has been drawn to the attention of the target group accross all their digital touchpoints.

The CMO marketing survey, a yearly initiative

The survey, conducted by 4P square and partners GfK, Trends Business Information and the Belgian Association of Marketing becomes a yearly initiative. Our ambition is to get clear opinions from the Belgian CMO’s about trending topics: how can new trends take the business forward, which trends are important to surf on, how relevant are my products and services today and the days after and how should my company cope with the ongoing shift as consequence of the evolving digital behaviour of our customers?

In the last quarter of 2018, a new marketing survey will be launched among the Belgian CMO’s. We would be very happy to get you on board for this new survey.  Your input will be highly appreciated.

Do you have a question about this survey or are you looking for strategic advise about one of the topics? Get in touch with us.