What is an interim manager?

An interim manager is an expert who temporarily takes the lead in a business process. Usually interim managers stay with an organisation for about three to six months, after which they move on to a new client. They are different from business consultants in that they provide both strategic advice and implement the solutions to reach their goals.


Benefits of hiring an interim manager

From a corporate perspective, interim managers are interesting for a number of reasons:

– They offer immediate return on investment.
– They are fast and flexible.
– They add missing expertise to your team.
– Finding the right interim manager is relatively easy thanks to specialised interim management companies.

We identified 10 benefits in total. Read them all here.


The cost of an interim manager 

Evidently, all these benefits come at a price. Let’s be clear, interim managers aren’t cheap. In fact, overall they are more expensive than permanent employees. And yet, interim management is soaring. Why? Because of the added value interim managers bring to the table.

Want to know if an interim manager fits your budget? Get your numbers straight!


Hiring an interim manager

The war for talent wages on. Finding the right interim manager is quite a challenge when you are left to your own devices. Specialised interim management companies such as yours truly do make the process less time consuming and more cost effective as they do the hard part (recruiting) for you. Find out more about the hiring process of an interim manager.


Becoming an interim manager

Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? Working as an interim manager certainly has its perks. However, there are some challenges too. Especially in the beginning of your career, you will need careful planning and a keen eye on your finances. Are you up for it? Find out in our step by step guide to becoming an interim manager.


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Everything you need to know about interim management

Interim management has become increasingly popular over the past decade. So what is it exactly that an interim manager does? What sets him apart from a strategic business consultant? And why would companies prefer interim managers over permanent employees? To top it all off, we give you some tips and tricks for aspiring interim managers and starters. Ready? Go!