Why 4P square?

Let our knowledge and expertise give you a helping hand.

Bottom line impact by expanding your possibilities…

  • unique marketing & sales knowledge
  • enriching cross-industrial experience
  • flexible standby team
  • strategy and/or deliver

… and beyond!

  • dedicated account management
  • exquisite talent sourcing and training
  • specialist in marketing & sales
  • over 90% customer satisfaction

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project management consultant

Do you need an expert? Our marketing consultants are here for you

Which are your added values directly obtained?

Which are your added values directly obtained when considering strategic marketing consultancy ?

  • Consider marketing consulting as a strategic solution to achieve your business goals in sales or marketing
  • Relevant cross-industry expertise and knowledge based on proven methodologies, will be added to the designated marketing consultancy
  • Our marketing and sales project management consulting spans the entire marketing & sales value chain

Which are your added values directly obtained when considering an interim manager?

  • You will get fast and flexible access to excellent marketing & sales talent
  • Our Talent Manager will make sure that skills and expertise of the marketing consultant are cross matched against your wishlist of wanted profile, desired skills, expertise, cost and timing

4P square has established longstanding relationships with companies in multiple industries. For them, we have been recruiting exquisite marketing consultants ever since.