1) Interim management is cost-effective

Let’s be honest: an interim manager comes at a price. But you do get bang for your buck. In most cases, the knowledge and expertise you gain by hiring an interim manager far outweigh any amount of money. Besides, interim managers might not be cheap but neither are payroll managers.

When comparing the two, make sure to take into account the following:

– Start with the gross salary of an equal manager on the payroll,
– add up the holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus,
– and top off with fringe benefits, such as a company car, meal vouchers, insurances, etc.

Interim management is cost effective

2) Interim managers offer immediate return on investment

Interim managers are experienced, so they don’t take long to settle and achieve tangible results. And because an interim manager, by definition, is temporary, you don’t have to deal with notice periods or redundancy costs when the job is done.


3) Recruiting an interim manager is easy (with a little help)

Recruiting an interim manager by yourself is very time consuming. Alternatively, you can work with an interim management company, such as 4P square. They’ll do the hard part for you (searching and shortlisting candidates) and hand over the top selection on a silver platter. A benefit of interim management like none other!


4) Interim management talent hunting is free of charge

The interim management company only gets paid when you sign an interim project with one of their interim managers. No project means no pay. In other words you don’t have to pay anything upfront to get the interim management company searching for the right candidate.

5) Interim managers are fast and flexible

If you want an interim manager today, he or she can start tomorrow. That is, if you choose the right channels and partners to help you find your ideal candidate. Interim management doesn’t require an endless process of selecting and interviewing numerous candidates. That is, if you decide to team up with an interim management company, at least.

So how does it work? Interim management recruiters take the recruiting process out of your hands. You simply provide them with a profile and they do the rest. You select the candidates you wish to interview, pick your favorite and off you go. Your interim manager will start the next day.

6) Interim managers get the job done

When you miss a key person or expertise in your team, you fail as a company. Either the quality of your service is affected, which leads to unhappy customers, or you fail to reach your business goals. In the end, this will cost you. Therefore, it’s better to invest in an interim manager who gets the job done.

Even when you need to fill in a permanent vacancy, you can benefit from interim management. While searching for the right candidate, you can fill in this vacancy quickly with an interim manager. Meanwhile, the business can keep running as usual.

Interim management talent hunting is free of charge

7) Quality boost for the team

Hiring an interim manager means your team is treated to a quality boost. Interim managers can be found in all fields and expertise, from finance to marketing and sales. And at all experience levels, from junior to senior. They are experts in their field of work, often have relevant experience in your industry and uphold a certain quality.

Interim management companies ensure interim managers of high quality. They embrace their development and offer continuous trainings in their area of expertise. Interim management companies even mentor and coach them throughout their entire career.

The knowledge and expertise of an interim manager will benefit your company as they bring new and fresh ideas to the table.


8) Strategy and implementation in one

Unlike a strategic consultant, an interim manager goes beyond advice. Interim management companies offer you an expert who comes up with a strategy first, and then implements the solutions to achieve tangible results.


9) Gain access to a network of knowledge and expertise

When you team up with an interim management company you gain access to an entire network of knowledge and expertise. So even if your interim manager lacks certain skills, he or she can rely on the network of other interim managers.


10) Knowledge that lasts a lifetime

Your team will still be reaping the rewards, long after the interim manager has left your organisation. The experience and knowledge an interim manager brings to the table has a lasting effect.

Everything you need to know about interim management

Interim management has become increasingly popular over the past decade. So what is it exactly that an interim manager does? What sets him apart from a strategic business consultant? And why would companies prefer interim managers over permanent employees? To top it all off, we give you some tips and tricks for aspiring interim managers and starters. Ready? Go!