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Interim management has become increasingly popular over the past decade. So what is it exactly that an interim manager does? What sets him apart from a strategic business consultant? And why would companies prefer interim managers over permanent employees? To top it all off, we offer you some tips and tricks for aspiring interim managers and starters. Ready? Go!

Everything you need to know about interim management

Stijn Ceelen – Country manager at Binck Bank:

“The reason why Binck relies on 4P square as sales and marketing consulting firm is because 4P square starts the recruitment process from the organisation itself,  the customer – in this case Binck – and eventually ensure the perfect match between the profile and the organisation”.

Check your solutions in Interim management

Sophie Mellen – Communication Project Manager:

Sophie is as 4P square marketing consultant assigned to the marketing Private Banking department at a major player. She is managing several communication projects and complex segmented campaigns which gain high internal and external visibility. According to the needs of the projects, she is working closely with internal stakeholders of the bank (marketing & product segments, sales and management teams, other domains of expertise) or with external partners.  Sophie is entire responsible, starting from the definition of the strategy to the final operational execution.

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Why working with a sales and marketing consulting firm?

We at 4P square strongly believe in expanding your possibilities as a shared mission. This believe – supported by our customers – is one of the reasons why 4P square is often selected  as preferred partner and as sales and marketing consulting firm.

What does ‘expanding your possibilities’ for your company mean?

  • consulting: you get advice with bottom line impact based on proven methodologies
  • interim management: you get fast and flexible access to excellent sales and marketing talent

Are you our next customer needing a sales and marketing consulting firm?

4P square’s customer portfolio is built up among mostly Top 1000 companies and SME companies, active in industries such as banking and finance, utility, telecom & ict, fmcg & retail, hr & employee benefits, automotive, travel, government & non profit, … It does not matter in what business your company is in, nor the size of your turnover or your staff. However, it does matter that our next customer, is a company, which is looking for great results in sales and marketing with bottom line impact, as we have been doing ever since 2002.

How can a sales and marketing consulting firm deliver results with bottom line impact?

The bottom line impact represents the result of the 3 following actions:

  1. Increase brand equitiy
  2. Grow revenues
  3. Control Costs

You get more clients, you keep clients more loyal, make your clients more profitable and reduce sales and marketing costs through higher efficiency and a more effective sales and marketing organisation.

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