An in-depth exploration of digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy whitepaper

Digital Marketing Strategy Whitepaper


Are you looking to elevate your digital marketing game and stay ahead of the competition? Then look no further than this Digital Marketing Strategy whitepaper, an exploration to crafting a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Today, there are almost 4.5 billion people online – around 58% of the global population – and a world without the internet is simply unimaginable to most. In North America and Northern Europe, internet penetration rates are at 95% (2019), so it’s only logical that digital marketing makes up huge part of the modern marketing landscape.

This means that companies who want to survive, and ideally thrive, need a solid digital marketing strategy. But what is digital marketing, and why is it so important? How do you go about creating a digital marketing strategy? What are the biggest challenges for digital marketers? How do you know if your strategy is bringing bottom-line value, and if not, what can you do about it? And what about new technologies, will they necessarily impact your strategy?

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