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5 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is an extremely popular social network and offers countless interesting opportunities. There are enough reasons to take a look at the tips below to improve your YouTube marketing strategy.

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1. Create your own URL

When you create a YouTube channel, you receive a personalized URL. It’s possible to change this URL to something that fits your company. This gives you better visibility. As you see on the image below, you can for example use your company name in the URL.

Before creating your own URL, your channel must meet a few specs:

  1. You need to have at least 100 subscribers
  2. The channel exists for at least 30 days
  3. You have uploaded a photo as channel icon
  4. You have uploaded a channel art

Youtube Marketing

If you qualify for a custom URL, you can request one in the channel settings. Make sure to thoroughly think about your URL name before saving it, since you cannot change it after approval.

2. SEO in YouTube marketing

YouTube is a search engine.

This implies that it’s important to use the right keywords. You can perform a keyword analysis by using Google Keyword Planner. Use these keywords as keyword tags and make sure to optimize your title and description.

Besides that, you can use the popularity of other YouTube videos by implementing their metadata. This way, your video will appear among similar videos. But only do this for videos where the content resembles yours. Otherwise this action will negatively affect your YouTube marketing strategy.

Another way to get SEO proof videos, is to use the YouTube transcript. When you make a video, YouTube automatically makes a transcript of what is said in that video. It helps search engines to determine the content of your video, which increases its findability.

Please do not just trust the automatic transcript. There might be some mistakes in it. Try to optimize the transcript yourself!

3. Keep your audience engaged

That’s easier said than done. It’s a difficult task to keep your audience engaged. But there are some tricks that can help you.

  1. Keep your videos short.

2. Use cards.
Videos used to be full of annotations. But YouTube removed them because they were not mobile friendly. Nowadays, you can use cards. Throughout your video you can plan moments where an information icon will appear. These icons are cards on which the viewer can click to receive some additional information.

You have cards that link to a specific website or channel, cards in the form of a poll or even cards that link to a playlist that could be interesting for your viewers. As you can see, there are many ways to entertain your audience with cards. Try to take advantage of these.

3. Be consistent. You must think on the long term.

Engaging with your audience through your videos is a commitment. So make sure you post regularly. It is advised to make a schedule on when and how much you will post.

4. Use end screens

It’s possible to put a CTA at the end of your video. You can create an end screen as you can see on the image below.

Youtube Marketing

Again, a much better alternative for the old and sloppy annotations. It gives your video a clean and professional look. With this end screen you can:

  • link to other videos, channels, or playlists on YouTube
  • ask people to subscribe to your channel
  • promote your website and merchandise

To create an end screen, your video must require a minimum length of 25 seconds.

5. Analyse the numbers

The use of Analytics is also very important in YouTube Marketing.

Learn where your audience is from and what their interests are. With these insights, you can build a much bigger network and audience.

Attracting is not the only thing, you also need to make sure your existing network stays with you. Analyse what content triggers your audience the most and start creating new content.

Thanks to YouTube Analytics you can see the reach, engagement, audience, and much more. It is not as thorough as Google Analytics, but a key factor in understanding and improving your network.

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