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Launching a Webinar to Explain Online Tools in HR

One of the trends in HR is the increasing use of HR online tools. Then, the priority for an HR services partner is to develop for its customers the most efficient online tools to help their customers in their day to day tasks.

In our case, the HR service company developed an online tool to help customers in online planning of medical examinations.


We had two challenges from a marketing point of view:

The first one was to inform the users how to use a new version of the tool. The second challenge was the conversion from clients-non-users to users.


After segmentation (customers users /non-users), we sent an e-mail to each of the targets. The objective of the email was to invite customers to join a webinar about how to use the tool.

  • What is a webinar? It is a seminar on the web. It can be interactive conferences or online workshops and it allows real-time communications from one sender to many receivers. Simultaneously, interactive feedback is possible via text messages, voice or video chat, across geographically dispersed locations.
  • How does a webinar work? After registration, the users receive an email containing all practical information (date, hour, how to proceed to join) and a link. They connect to the webinar via the link at the time and date of the presentation.
  • How to develop a webinar? The implementation of a webinar is easy. You must choose a webinar provider (e.g. “go for webinar”) and buy a certain number of attendees per year. After registration, the service provider explains you step by step how to develop your webinar.
  • More information: www.gotomeeting.com/fec/webinar

Key success factors:

  • Clearly communicate the subject of the webinar (via email)
  • Define and communicate the date and the time slot (30 minutes/1-hour maximum) when the webinar takes place. Link it to the webinar tool.
  • Be creative in your email communication: catchy header, picture, texts not too long and explaining the content of the webinar…
  • Ofcourse, the day and time of the webinar, prepare yourself (practice your explanations and “training”, …)


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