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3 Sports Marketing trends for 2022

It’s often difficult for businesses to show their engagement towards a more sustainable planet whilst differentiating from the competition. And sports marketing might be the perfect fit to get this message across.

The challenge for sports teams on the other hand lies in building an engaged fanbase, which in turn helps companies connect better with their audience.

Below you find an overview of the 3 biggest sports marketing trends to implement for the new year.

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3 Sports Marketing trends for 2022

1. New technologies in sports marketing

For companies that are trying to differentiate themselves, the opportunity is now to implement the usage of smart chatbots that can provide users with the latest match results, statistics, and news. This way people can interact with and stay updated 24/7 which creates a new dynamic for your fanbase.

Furthermore, underlying data can be used to get a better understanding of their interests and it can help you bring content that matters to them. This can be achieved by targeting different users with customized social media content based on their interests. This data could really improve the impact of your campaigns so it’s mutually beneficiary.

Thirdly, sports teams all around the world should embrace the usage of social media such as Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube shorts and Instagram reels to provide fans with exclusive, easy-to-digest content that can be shared with millions of users.

2.      The impact of e-sports

People who haven’t heard of e-sports yet should really pay attention to not miss the boat. Analysts project the e-sports market to surpass the 1.5-billion-euro mark in 2022. In conclusion, steady growth combined with an increasing fanbase makes this a great place to invest for future projects.

Lastly, it is a great opportunity for companies that are searching to connect with a younger audience and it can really boost their image. Think of implementing real-time data and scores in your campaigns to really get the edge over competitors.

3.      Personalization in sports marketing

In the past athleticism used to be about young athletic men, now it includes everyone. There is an increase in targeted sports articles for seniors. Meanwhile the women and children’s sports industries are booming.

Therefore, sports marketing might be a great opportunity for those seeking to target different age groups with specific products.

Key takeaways for 2022

  • When working together with sports teams focus on mutual benefits.
  • Embrace the usage of new technologies
  • Sports matters to all genders and age-groups, don’t forget to be inclusive in your Marketing campaigns
  • Sustainability: 80% percent of products are purchased for emotional reasons
  • Give customers the feeling that they are doing something good

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Laurens is a passionate Marketing Consultant at 4P square. He has a strong interest in technology, digital marketing and marketing automation. His career started  at @grust BV insurances where he was responsible for digital marketing. Laurens is analytical, client-oriented, and isn’t afraid to take on a new challenge.

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