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5 ways for sustainable email marketing

During the BAM Congress (Belgian Association of Marketing) in December, Katelen Perez Tseyen, Customer Success Manager at Flexmail talked about a more sustainable way to of email marketing. This blog will resume the inspirational talk of Katelen and give you ways to make your email marketing more sustainable.

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More targeted email marketing

In general, more and more people need instant gratification. They don’t want to waste time reading irrelevant mails. Therefore, email marketing is not only about how many mails you send to your customers anymore. It is how relevant the content is for your prospect. Simply because readers only open mails that they want to read.

“It’s not about sending too many emails but it’s about sending better emails”

Clean your database

Make sure that your database and client list information is still up to date. Therefore it’s important to regularly update the information stored within your CRM. Secondly it’s important to get rid of irrelevant or old contacts. Lastly, exclude bounced emails after each campaign to ensure valid email addresses.

Segmentation and ending relevant emails

Segmentation is the key, if you want to know who you are sending mails to. Segment all your contacts in to target groups based on their interest. In that way, each target group will get relevant emails. Secondly, ensure the content is relevant for each segment. The more your content is relevant to your audiences the higher the click through rate (CTR) and conversions will be.

Making email flows short and relevant

Make email flows short and relevant. Don’t make use of old, generic, and long email flows. Don’t let potential buyers wait for several months before getting contacted. Once a visitor is interested in your product or service get to that client as soon as possible.

Use all data

Use the data acquired by previous email marketing campaigns to your advantage. Each piece of information is important to improve your next campaign. By testing and retesting you get to know what’s best for your audience.

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