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How TikTok Improves Brand Awareness

With more than 2 million users in Belgium, TikTok is quickly evolving to become the hottest social media platform in the world. While it was mostly dominated by Gen Z for a long time, there has been a shift where millennials and even baby boomers are finding their way to the platform.

Due to the rapid growth of the most downloaded app at the moment, it’s questionable if brands have to come along with a TikTok marketing strategy.

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Why should brands follow the TikTok hype?

Although it’s unpredictable if the hype will last forever, it’s important for brands to not neglect it completely in their overall TikTok marketing strategy. The platform has great opportunities, like creating brand awareness and engaging with the customer in every stage of the funnel.

How to start as a brand on TikTok?

Getting started with TikTok marketing is not so difficult as it seems. Here some tips & tricks to become one of the early adopters:

Create a business account

Create an account on a mobile phone and directly turn it into a pro account. Write a short bio that gives a quick view on your company and link your website and other business social pages to your pro account.

The pro account contains analytics, which gives you a better understanding of who your audience really is. Besides that, you will have access to other meaningful insights and helpful data.

Paid advertising on TikTok

Like any other social media platform, it’s possible to pay for ads on TikTok. To get started with paid advertising, it’s necessary to create your account to find out if your business meets the requirements.

The TikTok platform offers four different kinds of ad options:

  • In-feed native content: this is comparable to Instagram story ads. This type of add appears in the native news feed.
  • Brand takeovers: this will give you the chance to grab the user’s attention by showing a creative full-screen image or video that appears on the discovery page.
  • Hashtag challenges: this option will take your brand to the highest level of engagement as it allows users to create and promote content representing your business. This type of ad occurs in the discovery page.
  • Branded AR content: these kind of ads are the same as the 2D/3D Snapchat or Instagram filters. This occurs as a branded lens.

Creative content with your own tone of voice

Luckily you don’t need professional equipment to create unique and successful video content. The provided video editing tools and features allow you to add special effects, filters, sounds and text options.

To help you understand which content works the best for your TikTok marketing, it’s useful to find some inspiration on the discovery page of this platform and the trending hashtags at the moment.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t always need to be a perfect edited video. You can also show your business through behind-the-scenes or in-the-moment content. Also, make sure that your content is unique and in line with the brand image you want to radiate.


Influencers can also be found on the TikTok platform. It will help to broaden and target your audience. Choose your influencers wisely by making sure that their audience is in line with your target audience.

Lastly, ensure that the content is real and authentic in order to drive a positive ROI. Otherwise, this step can be harmful to your brand.


Since TikTok is a rapidly evolving social media platform, most brands are realizing its strength to build brand awareness. Using relevant and unique content is a way that will make your brand stand out, whether it’s organic or paid.

As the platform is new for most of us, it’s good to experiment and see what works best for your brand.

Start your successful TikTok marketing strategy today

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