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How Sustainable Marketing Keeps a Brand Relevant

Can sustainable marketing keep your brand relevant? The answer is yes! It is interesting that smaller streetwear brands make a better connection with local youth than international all-known brands.

These last years, we have seen a shift in fashion; we went from commercial common brands to more alternative brands, brands with a story, with a purpose that is beyond making a profit.

Brands that are trying to make a social difference, telling a story or making a sustainable product, are more respected and desired by the youth.

Maybe we should look into the mentality & philosophy of these brands and ask ourselves why they’re so successful in the urban scene. How can sustainable marketing keep a brand relevant?

Combine authenticity and inclusivity in your story

The Dutch streetwear scene was looking for a brand that is priced in between the sports labels as Nike & high-end fashion. They found a gap and used this opportunity. Brands like Patta, Daily Paper & SMIB apply the principles of sustainable marketing well to keep their brands relevant. They are popping up and are more popular than ever.

Why? They create a realistic view of their target audience and speak to them in a way they understand, on their level. Being “real” is what it is all about. Real models, shooting local, using mainstream social media to reach the generation that lives on these media.

Make a social difference

How can sustainable marketing keep a brand relevant? Brands are making a social difference. They praise diversity, embrace differences and talk inclusivity. “Being invited to a party is diversity, dance together is inclusivity.”

Shooting a collection with African prints in Africa with locals, investing in projects in Africa to give back to their roots. The audience loves it. American celebrities love it even more and are often spotted in clothes of these upcoming brands.

Focus on environmental issues

Not only social movements are popular. Brands who focus on environmental issues, that make sustainable and Fairtrade fashion, are trending and very popular.

Patagonia for example, they tell a story about sustainability and making it fashionable is a strong combination in an area of global warming and environmental problems.

Donating automatically 1% of your purchase to environmental protection is a strong message that adds credibility to the brand and makes the brand more popular because it actively contributes to a better society.

Therefore, young activism is not dead. It comes in many shapes and colors. Brands that include corporate social responsibility in their storytelling & branding are making a difference and are growing faster than ever.

Young consumers do not just want to be fashionable, they want to have the feeling they are contributing to a better world and are making a difference. Keeping it real with real models, local products and a realistic scene is the go-to. Combine this with a strong online visibility and strategy, and you are winning in fashion.

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