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Soraya's Consultant Story: Entrepreneurial & Strategic Digital Project Manager

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. Early on in life I was drawn to entrepreneurship and making a change in people’s lives. So I started an organisation for the less fortunate: I raised money with my team, organised big events and activities in Belgium and Africa and leading my team of volunteers to creating more impact.

This wasn’t enough though, after 3 years I started a youth center with another team. This center creates, develops and enhances the talent of our youth in entrepreneurship. We organise events, workshops and other activities, led by experts, to generate a big interest in entrepreneurship for themselves.

We’ve gotten more popular, expanded our capacity and after a lot of negotiations with the city and political parties we created job opportunities for our youth. Now we’re a growing youth center with open vacancies, and being an employer is a new challenge which I love.

Not only a volunteer, also a marketeer

The popularity of the organisations is not by accident, there was a lot of strategic thinking involved. Something I learned during my studies, my professional experience in various multinationals and leading my organisations.

I am immediately available and ready for a new marketing challenge to support your company during this unexpected and rare times. I can help you with:

  • marcom strategy
  • go-to-market strategy
  • campaign marketing
  • project management
  • branding
  • PR
  • … other challenges

Looking back

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about my last project, the client is the biggest publisher in the country. I was the campaign marketeer of the business & management books and unrolled the go-to-market-strategy for each book that was about to release.

Thanks to my affinity with business and management, I understood the content and had a good connection with the authors, kept contact with the press, organised the book releases & business events and implemented a personalized digital strategy with the digital team.
I have also written a new marketing strategy for this segment of books to improve sales and strengthen the brand.

My client before the publisher was a large FMCG-chain. It was a project management function where my team and I were in charge of the segment “Food & wines”. My team made the greatest campaigns for this segment, with a lot of pressure and tight deadlines, but teamwork made the dream work.

So… what can I do for you?

With renewed energy and passion for marketing, business and management, I am excited to present myself to a new project. I am ready for a challenge and support your company with my humble knowledge and experience.

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