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Sofie’s Consultant Story: Creative Social Marketing Strategist

The one thing I have always known is, is that it’s up to you to take control of your life. Never allow yourself to be in the passenger’s seat of your own ride.

That is why, I took the opportunity during my studies to spend a year abroad. One semester studying, one semester as an intern Community Manager in a touristic company. It taught me about independency, cultural intelligence and even a few sentences in Portuguese and Spanish.

Even though you will find me smiling and laughing a lot of the time, I take projects very seriously, even during my studies. After I graduated with a bachelor degree in Communication Management, I started an extra degree in Advanced Business Management.

I got the opportunity to start my own business with four other people, as a Small Business Project. I took the lead in marcom. In just 7 weeks of being operational, we managed to make a profit of nearly 3000 euros, of which we decided to donate a third to Make-A-Wish foundation.

Courage takes you places

After that, I spent some time traveling. Brazil, The Philippines, Australia and more, all by myself. It was an experience of a lifetime that, once again, taught me so much about people and their different ways of interacting with one another.

Surprisingly, traveling has grown my interest in our local economy a lot. Companies that decide to go with more locally sourced products, choose sustainable alternatives and who decide to do good by their people, I love it.

However, it is one thing to make these choices, and another one to engage your (internal) stakeholders to hop on that ride with you, AND to get your message across in the outside world. I believe that’s where a good consultant steps in, to help guide you there.

My skills

  • project management
  • content marketing strategy and implementation
  • creative social media management (including conversational and advertising)
  • …and other marcom challenges!

Before 4P square

Before I started at 4P square, I gained experience as a Field Marketing Coördinator for two big companies in consumer electronics and telecom. I was the point of contact for sales and project teams in store and on the road. This included clear briefings, filled plannings, motivating them and collecting numbers and feedback to report back to my clients.

Other than that, I worked in a content marketing agency as an Account & Project Manager. Together with my team I planned, created and advertised digital content for listed companies as well as SMEs. This included “always on” communication and campaigns.

Never lose your curiosity

The reason why I joined 4P square, was to explore different fields of marketing. Rather than offering pre-packaged solutions, being a consultant allows me to find out what works best for your company, what will give you the best ROI.

As you may have noticed by now, I am a naturally curious person, I try to learn new things every day. It is that curiosity and drive that I implement in my job, to ensure I make the most of my time on a project.

I started out at 4P square right before COVID-19 measures were taken by the government. Which has led to some time being technically unemployed. Although this time of self-isolation might have been boring to some, it has posed as an opportunity for me to get Google and Hubspot certificates, learn some HTML basics, take up running again and yes, like many, bake a lot desserts. Next to my digital marketing knowledge, I would be glad to share my Thyme and Honey Cheesecake recipe with you too. 🙂

At the moment, I’m helping a large company as a marketing consultant. Click the button below to request my availability in the near future.

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