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Social selling webinar: four key takeaways

Recently, we welcomed Guy Sharma for an exclusive webinar on social selling. The social media ninja provided us with expert insights on the topic. Discover the key takeaways in this blog article.

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What is social selling?

First of all, let me clarify what social selling actually means (spoiler: it is not synonymous with social media marketing).

Social selling is the art of making clients come to you – not the other way around – by building a strong personal brand on social media. Done right, it enables you to reach new customers, achieve stronger customer loyalty and generate company growth.

Four key takeaways

1. Social selling is more than LinkedIn

Social selling – both B2B and B2C – is happening more and more outside of LinkedIn. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to just one medium. Start enjoying the specific benefits of niche media such as TikTok and YouTube.

2. Optimize your profile

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that optimizing your profile is an essential aspect of social selling. Therefore, make good use of your tagline by using the right keywords. People should be aware that you know what your are talking about, so clearly show your expertise and authority. Also, make sure to stand out, for instance by coming up with an original profile picture.

3. Do your research

Always keep in mind the needs of your target audience – nobody is waiting for a LinkedIn post on a Monday morning. Therefore, it’s important to do social selling research. To find out what people are curious about, you can use social listening tools such as Falcon.io. Consequently, you can provide relevant and engaging content at the right moments.

4. Be social, think social

Every now and then, try to help your network by sharing content and adding your own copy. By showing support for certain people or causes, you can really show what you stand for. But most importantly, it is a great way to establish genuine and durable connections – a key social selling goal. And think about the reciprocity principle: people might even return the favor one day.

4P square is always looking for interesting people, both internally and externally, who want to teach us something new in a laid-back environment. If you would like to become a 4P square guest speaker, be sure to give us a heads up. Be social, think social 😉

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