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5 Reasons Your Business Benefits From Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing cannot directly be linked to sales. That is why, when creating a marketing strategy, it is often being overlooked.

However, unlike other advertising channels, social media is a two-way channel. Ignoring or downplaying the possibilities of social media marketing will harm the relationship with your customers. On top of that, it will make your business miss out on the benefits of highly targeted advertising.

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5 key benefits of social media marketing

1. Increase your SEO ranking

Search engine optimization is a long and slow process. And even though your social media presence does not directly correlate to a higher ranking on the search results page, it can help you get a higher ranking through your content.

Quality content is a great way to incorporate important keywords. It is also a source for backlinks as people start to write about your company and link to your content. These factors directly improve your SEO-ranking, and thus improve your social media marketing strategy.

2. Drive targeted audience

Even though it is hard to measure the conversion percentage that is directly (and solely) linked to social media, social media ads can reach a large volume of users based on their interest in your product(type).

Through market research, you can gain insights in the social media platforms your target audience is using. This way you can choose the platforms that are most valued by them to provide them with valuable content. Increasing your chances of generating relevant leads that, at the end of the road, will result in sales.

3. Grow trust through reviews

One of the main benefits of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is that you can track down what is being said about your brand and your products. Word-of mouth remains one of the most powerful ways of gaining people’s trust. By allowing (potential) customers to read other people’s review, you increase their trust in your brand or product.

Customer reviews can also greatly increase your brand image. Even negative ones. Just make sure you react open-minded and make it clear you have customer satisfaction as your priority.

4. Strengthening your relationship with your customer

Who is my customer base, what are their interests, what content are they sharing? Social media gives you the opportunity to gain insights into these questions by studying the online behavior of your customer base. This provides valuable insights to further determine what your customer base relates to, what their needs are and the types of content that will lead to conversation.

The more you know what your audience likes, the more your content will have added value to them and the more you are able to strengthen the relationship with your customer base.

In addition to this, reviews can be a valuable source of inspiration for product development or for tweaking your product or service.

Brands who take the effort to share relevant content with their audience on a regular base are strengthening their relationship with their customers. Besides that, they are more likely to increase their brand loyalty.

5. Content as conversation starter

Content is the base of every conversation, online as well as offline. And at the end of the day, the most valuable way of advertising is through word-of-mouth. Having your customer in mind while creating content, you increase relevancy and thereby the chance that your customers will share it and use it as a conversation starter with their peers (word of mouth).


It is important to incorporate social media marketing into your marketing strategy from the start in order to increase sales and build relationship with your customers.

When done correctly, social media marketing gives you unique insights in your online customer behavior. It is the ideal way to gain trust and not only build your brand awareness, but also your brand identity and credibility.


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