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Emails are an old medium that we grew up with. Thanks to technological advances, they became more critical for business, especially for email marketing and marketing automation. 

Nowadays, it has become more and more difficult to engage with people because of the tons of emails consumers receive.  

Katelen Perez T’seyen is a Customer Success Manager at Flexmail, an email marketing tool. She shared with us 5 tips for sending better e-mails. 

Need help with your E-mail marketing


First and foremost, in every campaign, you need to set goals. Indeed, marketers sometimes want to achieve everything with one email. The best thing to do is to have one or two clear goals. 


Secondly, the fear of spamming is the mean reason why companies are hesitant to send enough emails. They send one email a month because they don’t want to intrude into customers’ and consumers’ life. The way to go is just to ask your contacts to find out what is enough and what is too much. Have in mind that repetition is key. Your contacts need to see you enough to know you and remember you. The adage in marketing is that a brand has to communicate a message 7 times before it sticks with a consumer. 

“An e-mail that isn’t clicked on has contributed more to your branding than an e-mail that you did not send”. 

Segmentation of the audience

Moreover, according to Katelen, small companies send far better emails with higher open and click-through rates than big companies. By targeting more effectively, you can send better and more relevant e-mails to your database. People don’t necessarily have the same needs and interests. That is the reason why segmented emails tend to generate higher open rates. 

The right amount of tailored content

Besides, the best strategy is to divide your content and send it more frequently to the right contacts. The golden rule is to know what your contacts need and not simply do what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for what they want to receive as information. Limit your emails to maximum 5 articles 

The first impression is everything

Furthermore, in a few seconds, people decide to: 

  1. whether or not open the email 
  2. maybe briefly scroll through its content 
  3. whether or not to take action

A lot is going on in a short time frame, so be sure to make your emails pretty and easy to read by having a clear visual layout, preheader, and header. Take also into account what kind of email software your contacts are using. For instance, with Outlook you can see a preview of your email and not with Gmail. Consequently, you have to use the right name, subject, and preheader so that your contact recognizes you immediately.  

Test, read results, and ask for feedback

Lastly, if you are not sure about which content you should send to your audience at what frequency, you should test or ask them! You can even easily test the subject, pre-header, or header of your emails with the help of A/B testing. 

After having put in the effort, it is time to look at the results. Where did your contacts click on, where were they redirected, and what did they do further? Be sure to use the insight of the results to continuously improve your emails. 

In a nutshell, to be able to send a good email you must have: 

  • a strong understanding of your audience
  • tailored content with 1 or 2 clear goals
  • an attractive layout and headline

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Laetitia is a passionate marketeer who likes to coordinate all kinds of marketing projects. She started her career as a Junior Brand Manager @Moureau NV and was responsible for a portfolio of 5 luxury brands. She is creative, result-oriented and an eager-to-learn person with a sparkling personality.

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