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Delivering Interim Managers for Saxo Bank

Recently, we interviewed, Eddy van Geyte, Marketing Manager of Saxo Bank, and asked him a few questions about our partnership.

Why did you hire an external marketing consultant?

“Recruiting staff and keeping them motivated is challenging.” says Eddy.

“Companies are spending a huge amount of time, money and energy to attract the right profiles. Therefore, recruiting an external marketing consultant is the ideal short-term solution.”

Why 4P square?

“We’ve worked with 4P square before and it just took us one call to receive many relevant candidates.

We were sure that 4P square could deliver the required flexibility and quality”, adds Eddy.

What is the added value of the consultant?

Apart from expertise, Eddy says that the consultant often brings a fresh perspective to the table.

How would you describe your collaboration with 4P square?

“It was very pleasant to work with 4P square”, adds Eddy. What’s more, he says that 4P square understands Saxo Bank’s needs as well as delivers the highest standards of quality and service.

Hire a marketing consultant within 48 hours.

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