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Raquel | Project manager | KAN Design

Raquel Moeyaert recently finished her project as a project manager at KAN Design. Discover here how she experienced it and read her story. In case you’re triggered by Raquel her story and you want to become a marketing consultant too, you can apply via the link below.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello, I’m Raquel. I’m a marketing consultant at 4P square for 1 year now & I recently finished my first project at KAN Design in Antwerp. KAN Design is a strategic branding agency in Antwerp and has over 35 years experience in their industry.  I worked there for 11 months as a project manager and I’m happy to share my experience with you. 

What did your project look like? What were your main responsibilities?

As a project manager, I was responsible for the follow-up of different briefings for different clients.

When a client sent us a briefing, I informed our internal team about the new assignment. Mostly, I started with distilling the key elements out of the briefing and planned in an internal kick-off meeting. Meanwhile, I also made sure the client received a quotation and retro-planning.

When a project was launched, my key responsibility was to keep deadlines in mind, inform different stakeholders and plan follow-up meetings when needed.

Lastly, I also had the chance to think strategically along on several go-to-market strategies for different clients. As a marketing consultant, it’s important to have a wide frame of interests and skills. In this way, you can help your client on different marketing subjects. This makes the job as marketing consultant so interesting. Every day, you can explore new things. One day I was doing project management, the other day I helped with developing marketing strategies.

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How was your experience working for KAN Design? What difficulties have you encountered and how did you handle them?

KAN Design was a great client to work for. My colleagues were super nice and I felt very welcome at their company. Of course I had to find my way a bit in the beginning, but that’s part of the job as a marketing consultant I guess. I managed to work myself in very quickly and from then on, we went full force towards our goals. All I can say is that I’m super grateful for the great experience I had at KAN Design. Now it’s time for a new project at a new client and I’m totally ready for it!

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What are 3 key take-aways for you?

  1. Stupid questions don’t exist. If something is unclear for you, just ask it.
  2. Make good agreements with your manager from the start. How does she/he work best? This helps to create more efficiency in the future.
  3. If you make a planning, stick to it. There’s no sense of making a planning and not following it in the end.

About the author

Raquel is an enthusiastic marketeer who is helping companies with managing projects in a structured & organized way. Besides, she has affinity with copywriting, content marketing & social media marketing. Want to know more about Raquel? Get connected with her on LinkedIn.

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Raquel Moeyaert

Marketing Consultant


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