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Laurens | Go To Market project coordinator | PwC Belgium

Laurens, one of our marketing consultants, recently got his first project working as a Go To Market Project Coordinator at PwC Belgium. Discover his story and learn more about his journey and his experience on his first project so far.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi everyone, my name is Laurens. I’m 27 years old and I’m currently working as marketing consultant for 4P square. Currently, I’m also doing a project at PwC as a go to market project coordinator for PwC Belgium.

What does your project at PwC look like? What are your main activities?

Marketing Consultant

At my projects for 4P square I’m responsible for new marketing projects within the consulting line of service within PwC.


At PwC my main activities are very diverse. I’m responsible for different kind of activations. For example, organizing a webinar, organizing an event, update existing web pages, or brief new Web pages. In fact, I’m filling a key role between the business and on the other hand the marketing teams.

How is your experience working for PwC? Are there any difficulties you must handle?

Concerning my experience. I’ve had great first experience so far. It was my first project, in fact, so I didn’t really know what to expect but so far everything is going great. I really love this project.

I would encourage everyone to start working for 4P square or do some projects as a freelancer.

Concerning the difficulties. I think the main difficulty for me was finding the right balance between making decisions yourself and discussing it with the team. Sometimes decisions need to be made quickly, and it’s not always possible to consult with your manager. So sometimes I do have to make those decisions, and I think that’s the hardest part of the job, to make sure that I’m making the right decisions. That are right for the project, and that are right for PwC.

What are the three most important takeaways for you?

For the three main takeaways, I would say don’t be scared when something looks impossible at first sight because with the right mindset anything can be done. Also, it’s important to have a great relationship with your manager. And lastly, I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions to a colleague or to your manager if you’re having any difficulties. This way, your problems can be resolved in a timely manner and as efficient as possible.

Has Laurens’ consultant story convinced you to become a consultant too?

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About the author

Laurens is a driven marketing consultant with many talents and interests.  He’s currently working on a project as a project coordinator for PwC Belgium. He has a  passion for digital marketing, marketing automation and content creation. With a bachelors degree in business management – marketing he’s ready to take on any project and challenge!

Want to know more about Laurens? Feel free to  start a conversation with him on LinkedIn.

Laurens De Clercq

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant


"The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles."

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