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Launching a PR strategy for Securex

Thierry Constant is Group Communication Manager at Securex, an HR specialist that goes beyond employee administration to include all aspects of HR.

When one of their employees was on a temporary leave, they recruited a 4P square consultant for three months. “We were very satisfied after 3 months and we extended her several times, in total for 18 months.”

4P square as the perfect matchmaker: the Securex case

“A few years ago, we worked with one of the 4P square consultants on our rebranding,” Thierry explains when we ask him why he chose 4P square.

“She had made quite an impression back then. She was multilingual, very motivated, had the right degrees, but above all she managed to fit into our quite complicated structure in a short time span.

As a temporary force, this was perfect. When we were looking for someone to temporarily replace a colleague for three months, she was the first person that popped into our heads.”

“But this time, her task comprised a lot more. She was expected to create and maintain press relations, beginning via a clear strategy and efficient planning, and to cope with the increasing number of proactive press inquiries through press pressure.

We wanted to become top of mind in everything that was connected to HR. It was not an easy task, believe me. But she succeeded to go even further than what we demanded. What started out as a temp job of three months ended in 18 months. She was just too good to let go.”

Great temporary force, great results, and an even greater personality

“I know it sounds too good to be true, but have a look at the figures. The number of press mentions doubled in less than three years, for a large part thanks to her quality and work capacity.

The added value significantly increased. The spontaneous attention of journalists for Securex even increased with a whopping 77%.”

“That’s not the only reason why we were fond of keeping her. She had a great way of working with people, she managed to get the best out of everyone.

She gave media trainings and coaching sessions, turning a lot of rather introvert people into persuasive public speakers. Which in turn resulted in even more press attention.

So why did we let her go? We didn’t. She created a very solid structure which allowed us to go on without her. And by the time we found a fix replacement, she found a new challenge to throw herself into. It was perfect for everyone.”

A unique mix of flexibility and know-how

“That’s what I appreciate about 4P square: they offer an optimal combination of extreme flexibility and thorough knowledge. Whenever you need a temporary force with specific knowledge, they’ll find you the perfect match.”

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