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Pieter-Jan | Digital Marketing Activation Manager | Brussels Airport

Consultant Story: Brussels Airport Company

Tell us about you and what you like most about what you do.

My name is Pieter-Jan and I am a senior marketing consultant. I joined 4P square in January 2021 after having worked at a marketing agency for nearly 6 years.

When leaving the agency-side, I wanted to gather experience in an internal marketing role. Consulting seemed to be perfect for that, as I would get to work in different industries, companies and roles. The reason I chose for consulting and 4P square, is the diversity of interesting projects and the challenges they bring along.

My last project has been as a digital marketer at Brussels Airport Company (BAC) and I have already found my next assignment at Colruyt Group. I continuously improve my marketing skills and knowledge and learn a lot about the different industries.

What did your project entail and what were your main activities?

The last 8 months I have been working as a Digital Marketing Activation Manager at the Brussels Airport Company (BAC).  My role consisted of generating awareness and boosting traffic to Brussels Airport’s online shop and comfort services, such as Fast Lane, Diamond Lounge and bTag. I also helped in the go-to-market campaign of a new service called Enjoy! Gold, a subscription-based model to benefit from all the comfort services for an entire year, the ideal solution for frequent flyers. 

Describe your team and explain what you liked most about being part of that team.

I was part of Team Digital, known as being the loudest and most fun team on the floor (or even in the company). It was a team of a dozen hard working, highly motivated, strong-opinionated individuals. I worked with different people depending on the project or service. The team felt like a close family, with a lot of mutual respect.  

What are the 3 most important takeaways for you?

Don’t forget your internal stakeholders or community. Brussels Airport’s community was basically everyone who has an airport badge. For BAC that was thousands of people. An enormous audience that is relatively easy to target. This can be true for many companies. Your community, whether that is your staff or everyone working on the companies site, are your most important ambassadors.    

Make sure the message sells. A visual can be aesthetically pleasing. However, if your audience cannot understand the message in a blink of an eye, you might be losing a lot of conversions. A clear call to action is important.  

Do more A-B testing. We didn’t do it (enough) and I am inclined to think that we could have been more successful otherwise. 

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently with what you have learnt by now?

I would like to refer to my last take-away: do more A-B testing, especially in go-to-market campaigns. For the launch of a brand new service, starting off with two different campaigns and measuring which one performs better, you have more chances to be successful. Sometimes the creative you like less works better with the audience. By doing A-B testing, you have supporting data to help selecting in which creative you need to invest your ad budget. 

Has Pieter-Jan’s consultant story convinced you to become a consultant too?

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