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7 Marketing and Sales Objectives to Get Bottom Line Results

4P square started his marketing consultancy in 2002. Our first customer wasn’t what we could have expected.

It was a mobile operator in Jordan, 4.931 km from 4P square’s home base in Belgium, i.e. “Orange Jordan”.

They had a huge problem because they had massive churn rates at that time, even higher than the current very high churn rates that we’re experiencing in the energy market today.

At that time our marketing consultancy was only two marketing consultants, but we were glad that a Jordan company trusted a brand new marketing consultancy. We did a great job.

We documented the loyalty and retention knowledge that we used, because the methodology led to results and that’s in the end what counts in marketing

Our second customer was Nuon Belgium, a Dutch electricity and gas supplier, which has become Eni in the meanwhile.

Our marketing consultancy developed their B2C and B2B marketing strategy and marketing plan. We also started a successful innovation project.

In the meanwhile Eni (ex-Nuon) is the largest “challenger” in Belgium, with a market share of 12%. We are glad we could contribute to their success.

Our marketing consultancy documented the strategy, planning and innovation knowledge that we used, because the methodology surely was effective and that’s in the end what counts in marketing.

Our third customer was Mobistar, a large telecom operator in Belgium. Our marketing consultancy has realised a lot of challenging projects for Mobistar, but one of them is really special to me, i.e. “the materialisation of services” or how to get a service in the retail shelves.

Quite a challenge! And quite some consultancies came along before. They all managed to deliver a great report, but no results, nothing in the shelves.

I still remember the marketing manager calling me, with the message: “Raf, we’ve got tons of reports, but no results. We’d like our services in the retail shelves. You get three months, can 4P square do it?

We took the challenge, and guess what, three months later the materialisation of services was a fact for Mobistar. “SMS in a box was sold via the retail selves.”

And, it was such a success, that they changed their business model!

Effectiveness and efficiency, leads to bottom line results

Now what was the key to success? Well, that’s very simple: set your goals and realise them, use effective and efficient methodologies that have proven to be successful in the past.

That’s why 4P square has been documenting all those methodologies, tools, success stories and marketing & sales processes that can contribute to success. Because the only thing that counts is results.

And that’s also the reason why our marketing consultancy decided to become a partner of the Effie Awards. Because it’s the only marketing award that rewards bottom line results.

In order to get bottom line results, only 7 marketing and sales objectives are relevant. All other objectives all just intermediary goals. They are:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Brand image
  3. Get new customers
  4. Keep your customers (loyalty and retention)
  5. Increased contribution per customer
  6. Efficient marketing & sales processes
  7. Effective use of budget

4P square Value model

4P square delivers Consultancy and interim management services in Marketing and sales. Our mission is to expand your possibilities through excellent, effective and efficient marketing.

Generate bottom line impact by setting the right objectives. Get in touch and let us help you!

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