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Online lead generation in utilities


Direct sales or direct acquisition for an energy product only works with people that have already considered changing their supplier. Those who convert have already taken a previous buying decision. So that so-called “cold leads” can also be interested in a product, a plan (read ‘a online lead generation plan’) has been developed to start-up a structural lead management program, with the objective ’Get the basics right’.

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As a company, how do you adjust your content to several types of users of your online channels?
The direct sales approach is not the desired approach in the utility sector (energy sector). So the question arises of how we can capture the right leads, so that we can apply a correct content strategy to them. The various sales channels are also still often seen internally as competitors. That means that internally a change of mindset is also required.


We must develop a structural online lead generation program, in which segmented content can be offered to segmented leads (contacts). Every strategy begins with the acquisition of valuable (qualified) leads. That means that we define in advance, which prospect we want and especially which one we do not want to approach.

Technical aspects

Every good strategy only becomes a success if the basic process is good. That is why we have started with centralising data that has been made uniform (actual situation). These processes were automated within a brand-new mail program, after which segmented content can be offered. E-mail messages with variable paragraphs will then be sent out regularly, depending on the source and the segment to which the prospect has been assigned (the wished situation).

Content aspects

Content drives action. Action in this case is a conversion into sales. By offering good content, a company builds up believability and trust. The objective of this content is to on the one hand collect opt-ins, and on the other hand to stimulate a purchasing intention. In the first instance, the focus is on volume and data enrichment through content. For follow-up communications, we are striving for a synergy between e-mailing and call centre processes. ’Synergy, not competition’.


In the medium-long term we expect that both the technical and the content aspects will be perfected. Only then will it be possible to expand data with detailed information about the prospect, and to also prepare a life-cycle analysis. However, a lot of work still has to be done in this area, so that the various existing systems can communicate with one another. We can take a closer look at the online flows as soon as the basis has been set up, after which we can optimise these in synergy with the call centre.


In cooperation with Yungo and Starring Jane

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