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Stefanie | Marketing officer | Securex

Stefanie De Belder is currently working as a Marketing Officer at Securex. Discover her Marketing consultant story here:

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Stefanie De Belder, I’m 26 years old. And currently working as a marketing consultant for 4P square where I started my first project at Securex as a Marketing Officer.

What does your project at Securex look like? What are your main activities?

Marketing consultant

At Securex I assist the Partner Accountant with providing information, offering tools and attracting new potential Partner Accountants.

My daily activities:
    • Developing, implementing and analysing marketing communication campaigns
    • Define social media strategies
    • Provide content (monthly e-zines and blog posts)
    • Maintain and optimize the Securex website

How is your experience working for Securex? Are there any difficulties you must handle?

Above all, the biggest challenge that is part of my current position at Securex is the communication within large companies (internally and externally).

Therefore, in my opinion coherent communication is crucial and makes sure that everyone from the company is on the same page. Securex consists of a large number of teams. Outside the marketing and corporate team, there are also employers and entrepreneurs.

That’s why I am sure that transparent and open communication between the different teams is the key to success.

What are the 3 most important takeaways for you?

Most important takeaways
    1. The importance of communication: both internally and externally, but also in a coherent and transparent way.
    2. The importance of listening to your customers (or salesteam):  a close contact with our Account Managers, who are in touch with the partners. They are the fundament to set up the right communication.  
    3. Take action and dare to think out of the box!

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About the author

Stefanie is a passionate Marketer with a go-getter attitude and a positive mindset, which makes her a real asset to the team. Also she is a quick learner and dares to ask questions. And finally, her eye for detail ensures that she never misses a deadline.  

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Stefanie De Belder

Brand Strategist | Marketing Officer


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