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Since the 1st of March 2021, Paul De Gussem is working for 1 year at 4P square HQ. Therefore, we hope to coöperate with him for still a long time. Every organization requires a person with an abundance of positive vibes, a clear vision, and ownership to realize marketing projects and – campaigns. Discover his story and learn more about his journey as a Marketing Manager at 4P square.

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What is your position at 4P square?

I have been working as a freelance Marketing Manager for 4P square since the 1st of March 2021 and together with Raf and Nancy I am part of the Management Team.

Before that period I have been working together with intermediary parties such as 4P square as a Digital Marketing consultant and Interim Manager for large companies and organizations in different branches.

What are the key issues that 4P square needs to handle in the near future?

There are plenty of challenges to tackle of course, but in my opinion 3 of the most important ones are:

1. To attract adequate employees in the war for talent, who share that unique 4P square DNA

2. The ability to become a consultancy driven company to differentiate ourselves from competitors in such a way that we create a win win win for all parties involved. I believe that motivated consultants create happy customers who make 4P square grow as a significant player in the world of sales & marketing services & consultancy.

3. The continuous effort to invest in human capital and make people grow in terms of professional skills and experience to such a degree that they become your biggest brand ambassadors and are willing to go the extra mile even when the situation and / or working conditions are not evident at all.

Describe what 4P square means to you on a personal level.

About 12 years ago, when I started working with 4P square, it was just one of the marketing agencies via which I found some interesting consultancy assignments. However, after quite a few very positive experiences, I discovered that they know very well what kind of freelance position fits me best.

Due to the fact that for the past 12 years we have created a strong bond of professional cooperation, some important values have been reinforced such as:

1. Respect and mutual recognition for the work performed and the projects realized

2. Challenging in terms of entrepreneurship, taking ownership, earning and getting the freedom to pioneer within 4P square. This way, the company can grow in a very competitive market.

3. Openness refers to the way of communicating with each other, and giving and receiving feedback. I strongly believe in confrontation as long as it happens in a constructive mood with mutual respect.

4. Team spirit which implies the willingness to share your knowledge, and exchange expertise between young and more experienced, management and consultants.

What do you like most about 4P square?

4P square is definitely a people-oriented organization. In my leisure time, I have always been a team player.

So, I like working together with people and I do get lots of energy from people whom I can share my professional passion for marketing with. Especially if the topics are Digital marketing, lead generation, and e-commerce.

What advice do you have for future 4P square candidates?

  • If you are passionate about and eager to learn new technologies, processes, and methodologies in the field of marketing and digital, ..
  • When you like to continuously challenge yourself and get energy from changing your professional environment every now and then, …
  • If you want to grasp the opportunity to learn and invest in yourself in terms of a personal learning passport to develop and grow your professional career, then you have definitely come to the right address of 4P square. What are you waiting for to apply and join our winning team?

About the author

As a digital interim manager and independent online conversion rate expert (CRO), Paul focuses on increasing the profitability and usability of existing and new digital marketing and e-commerce channels.
Thanks to his proven track record in the field of digital transformation, – strategy, and – project management, Paul has been able to guide companies in diverse branches to digitalize their products & services and to convert relevant online visitors / users into qualitative leads or e-sales by means of a data driven and customer first approach in an omni-channel user journey context.

Want to know more about Paul? Feel free to start a conversation with him on LinkedIn.


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