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Donart & Yannick | Marketing interns | 4P square

Donart Hasani and Yannick Van Mulders are currently doing a marketing internship at 4P square. Discover their story and learn more about the journey as marketing intern at 4P.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Yannick: “Hello, I am Yannick, 22 years old and a graduate Marketing student at Thomas More Mechelen.”

Donart: “My name is Donart Hasani. I have obtained a Bachelor in Media & Entertainment Business. Currently, I am finalising my second Bachelor in Communication Management Digital Media Manager.”

What are the biggest challenges during your internship?

Yannick: “One of the biggest challenges you face at the start of your internship, is all the new impulses that come your way. In the beginning it’s really hard to know where to find everything. However, after a few days of getting used to everything, you overcome that issue.”

Why did you choose 4P square for an internship?

Donart: “I chose 4P square, because I was looking for an internship where I could learn something and not just “every day” internship tasks such as making coffee or those ordinary, small and operational tasks. I applied for an internship vacancy at 4P square that appealed to me and I was quickly invited for an interview.

During the application interview, it became clear that it is not just an “everyday” internship that you will perform. You will be fully part of the marketing team. In addition, You are not seen as an intern and you will have a very wide range of tasks with lots of responsibility. So, this is the perfect internship for me.”

What have you learnt so far at 4P square?

Yannick: “During my marketing internship at 4P square, I have learnt a lot of things, including:

  • setting up marketing automation flows
  • setting up growth marketing initiatives
  • writing SEO proof blogposts

and so much more… ”


Describe your marketing internship at 4P square in three words.

Donart: “I would describe my marketing internship at 4P square as varied, informative and motivating.”

Has Donart and Yannick’s testimonial convinced you to become a marketing intern at 4P square too?

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