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Exact role of a Marketing Project Coordinator

Browsing through LinkedIn marketing jobs you might wonder what is the exact role of a marketing project coordinator? Continue reading and discover what a marketing project coordinator does and how to turn every project into a success.

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Marketing project coordinator role

Marketing project coordinators frequently collaborate with teams of marketers, designers, copywriters, and other professionals. The goal is to ensure that each component of a campaign is delivered on schedule. Furthermore, they need to make sure to fulfill all client’s specifications.

Ensure everyone is on the same page about deadlines

Additionally, a marketing project coordinator schedules meetings with internal and external stakeholders. They track the project progress for each individual project, while ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Project coordinator responsibilities

Project coordinators for various company sectors should anticipate managing a variety of activities that are unique to their organisations. However, many of the primary tasks remain the same.

Daily progress management

First of all, project coordinators must primarily oversee the daily progress of projects.

Secondly, the should stay informed about the state of the projects he is involved with. They are also to maintain track of deadlines. It is useful to run a quality check and to ensure that all project criteria are met.

Stakeholder management

Consequently, it is very important to be able to collaborate with the many specialists in the MarCom team: brand managers, print specialists, webmaster, translators, agencies, copywriters, and internal stakeholders.

In short, a marketing project coordinator should be able to offer updates to the project manager and other stakeholders at all times.

Keep track of the different marketing projects

Project coordinators need to appropriately quantify, objectify, segregate, and delegate jobs. With the usage of current tools supporting them, there are several project management software programs available. It is is easy to get lost in all the different tools and their specific characteristics. However, it is more useful to understand the principles behind them.

One often recurring characteristic is the usage of marketing boards. Below you find out more what these project management boards consist of and how they can help you improving on your marketing project coordinator abilities.

Project management board

Teams and organisations use a project management / task board to represent the tasks in a project. That provides the project coordinator with a comprehensive overview of the ongoing initiatives.

Often, there are separate boards for different teams, or various perspectives on the same board. That enables the project coordinator e.g. to get a chronological view for the various initiatives.

Alternatively, you may see what stage each project is in, what the status is, and what activities need to be completed to move the project ahead.

Agile Project Management

Terms like Scrum, Lean, and Kanban are frequently used in project management. You’re probably asking yourself what all these words mean. Although this terminology is not largely explained here, the essence of Agile project management is both to improve throughput time and to maintain the required high quality standards.

Advantage Agile Project Management

Another advantage of using Agile project management tools is that the Marketing manager better understands how many projects his team can manage at the same time.

Hence, using Agile program management technologies, will help to maintain a healthy balance for all stakeholders involved.

In conclusion, it is a necessary tool to prevent job overload.

Practical tips

Practical tips on how to be more efficient

  • Reduce the number of re-do’s
  • Understand the scope and budget of the project
  • Ensure the various teams understand exactly what is expected of them and what the deadline is
  • Provide examples to make it more obvious
  • Establish the number of revisions beforehand to improve throughput time
  • Consider and investigate with your team potential future improvements on recurrent projects

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