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From Marketer at 4P square to Landing My Dream Job

We interviewed one of our consultants, Eline, who worked 2 years at 4P square. Right now, she’s working as a Brand Activation Manager at Albert Heijn.

What was your first assignment at 4P square?

I started my career at 4P square as a Marketeer at Autogrill in order to work on marketing activities for restaurants at the airport.

It was really fun because the airport is a unique environment. You will get in touch with an enormous amount of people. In addition, you will get the chance to work on campaigns for events such as Tomorrowland and Christmas at the airport.

It is a totally different marketing approach hence you don’t want to attract the customers to the airport, but you’ll need them to spend as much time as possible over there. You can achieve this by constantly optimizing the assortment and promoting impulse buying.

What other assignments did you do afterwards?

Next, I worked as a Segment specialist at Securex where I was responsible for analyzing the customer journey and taking my first steps in marketing automation. What’s more, I worked with SEA campaigns and had the opportunity to set up a video marketing plan.

My past experiences led me to Colruyt where I worked as a Communications Coordinator. My favorite campaign consisted of coordinating the 360° marketing campaign. For this campaign I allocated 2 days to recording tv commercials. Amazing experience!

Can you tell me more about your last position as a Category Marketeer at Colruyt?

I was responsible for the category non-alcoholic beverages where I provided support for the different promotions and the brochure.  For the sales activation department, I worked on the overarching communications plan for Colruyt.

Dream job

Eline’s past experiences at 4P square helped her to find a marketing job at Albert Heijn. Consultants who worked for 4P square in the past often say that 4P square offers the ideal fertile ground to grow and progress throughout their career. Therefore, allowing them to find their dream job.

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