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Lead Generation: find your customers today

At the latest edition of the 4P square café we were pleased to welcome our very own 4P square colleague, business woman and author, Valeska Lefranc as a speaker. Valeska has given us a presentation on Lead Generation and some insights out of her book Find your customers today”.


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About Valeska Lefranc

Valeska Lefranc has 25 years of experience in the world of Marketing and Sales. In 2018 she founded her own company VLC Consulting and in 2021 she published her first bookFind your customers today. The book is a guide for entrepreneurs and companies to help them grow their sales and develop their business. Currently, Valeska is also a Managing Consultant at 4P square.

Leads are everywhere

Valeska has pointed out that most people don’t always realize that leads can be found everywhere. A lead can be as simple as your family, friends, student groups, past colleagues, current colleagues, people you meet at a coffee machine, … These people can all become important and valued leads. So, it’s very smart to take care of those contacts for lead generation.

Ask questions and be engaged to generate leads!

Try to actively engage with your contacts. Make sure your friends and family really understand what you’re doing. Ask old college friends what they are up to now, ask current colleagues what kind of projects they are working on, … You might not realise yet but those contacts can become valuable leads in the future.

“You are responsible
your own personal branding”

Advice: always be prepared

If your goal is to generate leads,  make sure to always be enthusiastic to share what you’re working on. Explain your project in 2 sentences and keep in mind not to use marketing jargon

Always ask yourself 2 questions:

  • Where do you want to go with this?
  • What do you want them to remember?

“The goal is to leave an impression!”

About the author

Donart is a marketing and communication intern at 4P square. With a Bachelor in Media and Entertainment Business, he’s now studying to achieve a second Bachelor in Communication Management – Digital Media Manager.  Donart has a passion for graphic design and marketing. Every day he uses his passion to expand his knowledge and learn new things at 4P square.

Want to learn more about Donart’s professional experience? Take a look at his LinkedIn!

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