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Kenzo's Consultant Story: Strong MarCom and SEO Skills

Sometimes it’s important to let everything go. When I think about this, the two things on top of my mind are: sports and travelling.

From an early age, I’ve been interested in sports. After trying out basketball, swimming, football, etc, I found the perfect fit when I was 10 years old: welcome table tennis! I can never get enough of this sport and it has given me a competitive mindset and the urge to improve myself.

My skills

I’m immediately available and can help your company with:

  • social media
  • SEO
  • digital campaigns
  • digital project management
  • or any marcom challenges you might have

Passion for travel

My second passion is travelling. I’ve always felt the need to try new things. To get new experiences and see new cultures. From walking the streets of New York to hiking in the mountains of Iceland or strolling down the Big Bazaar in Istanbul.

There are so many exciting places I’ve been to and want to visit in the future. Travelling gives people a whole new view on certain subjects, you look at things in different perspectives.

My journey so far

Looking at my passions, joining the consultant world was a very obvious choice for me.  Being a consultant opens a lot of doors and lets you do different assignments in different companies and industries.

Thanks to 4P square, I already landed two interesting marcom projects at renowned companies. During these experiences, I was able to learn more about social media.

My last assignment, during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, was mainly focussed on email marketing and communications. These are awful times, times where the customer needs you the most. A lot of hard work and deadlines made me realize what kind of difference you can make as a company during those days.

4P square has been an ideal start of my career and I hope to embark on interesting projects in the future.

What value can I bring to your company?

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” A quote by virtual business mentor Michael Hyatt that intrigued and motivated me.

As a company you need to share real content that the customer can relate to. A young and fresh look on certain projects is necessary. I believe that an adventurous mind like mine can help companies be more creative on sharing content to their customers.

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