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Julie's Consultant Story: MarCom Specialist & Project Manager

COVID-19 has turned everyone’s world upside down. Including mine. The news that I was being put on temporarily unemployment hit me hard. Going from a high pace full time project, to doing nothing 5 days a week, has been a real challenge for me. I’m not used to so much free time and frankly I would rather keep myself busy by doing something useful. Bring it on!

My skills

In 2018 I started at 4P square as a young graduate. Now, almost 2 years later I have gathered a lot of useful experience to tackle marketing challenges! I am available 3 days a week to help your organization with:

  • Brand management
  • Project management
  • 360° marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Budget planning
  • Marcom strategy
  • Coordinating agencies
  • …any marcom challenge!

My journey so far

A job in marketing was always the obvious choice for me. From an early age, I had discovered my interest in communication and marketing. Becoming a Marketing Consultant at 4P square has given me the opportunity to get a taste of different industries and projects. The perfect fit for someone who is as curious and eager to learn as me.

Over the years I have gathered experience in the environmental, HR and automotive industry for major players in their field. This has allowed me to get a better view of the marketing field and the possibilities it has to offer.

My current project is still ongoing for 2 days a week and has opened a new world for me. Never would I have guessed that the automotive industry would be such an interesting field to work in. But over the last year, this major automotive player, has given me a complete 360° view of the marketing field and channels.

Brand management, social media strategy, creating TV and radio campaigns, OOH campaigns, direct (e)mailings, digital campaigns, website management and print campaigns have been daily business for the last year. Combined with media buying and budget planning this project has given me the opportunity to grow and become an all-around marketer. Juggling all these different aspects is what I like most. It keeps things interesting and is a great every day challenge.

What can I do for your business?

I’m immediately available 3 days a week to give your marketing a boost. I would love to help you with campaign management, brand management or coordinating your projects. I’m always ready for a new challenge!

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