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What’s the Interview Process at 4P square Like?

LinkedIn. That’s how it started for me. An advert of 4P square. One that stimulated my enthusiasm by joggling with the right key words. It didn’t take long for me to press “Apply”.

How about attaching your motivation letter? Nope. Your CV then? Neither. That was it. Loved it. It allowed me to apply whilst waiting for my train. No nonsense indeed.

That’s how the 4P square approach continued. The day after, Michel Collart, Talent Manager at 4P square, called me.

So I thought: “Aha, an HR Manager. He will want to know my life story.” None of that. Basically Michel called to find out when I would be available for an interview.

So, not much later I suited up and stood in front of the office on the Veemarkt in Mechelen. For what turned out to be a very pleasant conversation.

First interview

This time Michel wanted to know a lot. But he didn’t interrogate me. We talked. About 4P square, about me, and also just about the different aspects of marketing.

My feeling was that Michel thought I was a suitable applicant, and that he wanted to see that confirmed. His starting point wasn’t: “Right, you’re here now, prove me your worth, and do it quickly.

After a while Michel expressed his sincere interest. And I did the same. An hour later I stood outside of the office again. Once more, with that same good feeling.

Second interview

Hired? No. Time to convince the boss? Yes. My second interview was with Raf Van Puyvelde. Founder and Managing Director of 4P square. I also had a very good conversation in that same friendly, professional atmosphere with Raf.

I was able to ask the questions that were still on my mind. About the company, the way of working as a consultant, the collegiality, and the kind of support to expect when on a project. Raf took his time to make me feel comfortable.

I returned home wanting to work for this company. Apparently the feeling was mutual as I had a contract proposal in my inbox quite quickly.

So not much time went by between hitting that “Apply”-button and receiving my car keys. Because that’s how your first working day at 4P square starts.

With someone ringing your doorbell and handing over car keys. There are worse ways to start your first day, aren’t there? There isn’t a better way to go through an interview process than the 4P square method.

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