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Silke's internal Marketing project at 4P square

Before she started her first project, Silke was working at the 4P square Marketing department. Here she describes how she has experienced her stay at the Marketing department.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Silke Vandenwyngaert. Since October 2021, I am working as a Marketing Consultant at 4P square. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and a Master’s degree in Business Economics. During my first three months working at 4P square, I have had the opportunity to work with the 4P square Marketing manager on several internal projects.

What were your main activities within the 4P square Marketing department?

I was responsibe for various activities. First of all, I was in charge of the social media and editorial calendar. I had to plan everything with the project management tool Monday. I had to write content and make visuals with Canva. Next, I had the opportunity to work on a lot of Recruitment & Sales campaigns. Going from brainstorming and making briefings to analyzing the results and doing the follow-up. Last but not least, I worked with the Marketing Automation Software ClickDimensions to create marketing automation campaign flows, to schedule social media posts, and to create and send the 4P square newsletters.

How was your experience working for 4P square? What difficulties did you encounter?

I really enjoyed working with the Marketing manager Paul De Gussem. I learned a lot and now I am able to use that expertise in my future projects.

One of the biggest difficulties that I have experienced, was with ClickDimensions. In the beginning, we had a lot of setbacks regarding the campaigns because there were problems with the software. Luckily at the end of my internal project, the problems were solved, and all the campaign flows are working properly now.

What were the 3 most important take aways for you?

First, I have learned that it is important to make a clear and realistic retro planning. This helps you to remember all the tasks that need to be done, even the small things. It reduces the chance of mistakes and misunderstandings when working in a team. In addition, it makes it easier to do the hand over when my time comes to an end at the internal project.

Second, I was able to set-up, follow-up and analyze campaigns. I have had the opportunity to go from A to Z in a project. This was very interesting and has given me a lot of insights in every little step of a campaign process.

Finally, I have learned that it is very important to run brainstorm and sync sessions and to talk about your ideas. This helps to make an idea better as you have multiple visions on a specific topic, and you can even further elaborate on an idea.

About the author

Silke is an enthusiastic marketeer, currently working as a Marketing Consultant at 4P square. She has a Master’s in Communication and Business Economics. Silke has a  passion for and knowledge of digital marketing, marketing automation and branding. She is analytical, result-driven and with her can-do attitude she is not afraid to take on new challenges.

Want to know more about Silke? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

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