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Our Initiatives to Cope with COVID-19

Many of us find ourselves far from our usual routines. Being forced to collectively stay inside for the next few weeks, offers the ultimate opportunity to put our organization to a test.

However, looking after our employees in difficult times and helping those who need our help the most are highest on our agendas.

Take a look at our initiatives below.

Supporting Digital For Youth

Digital For Youth ‘s initial goal was to collect 10,000 laptops to help children with online learning. So far, more than 13,000 laptops have been delivered to those who really need them.

At 4P square, we believe that learning is crucial for self-development. This is why we decided to donate our laptops for the good cause.

Special thanks to our colleague Jody for taking care of this inspiring project. Let the online learning begin!

laptops digital for youth

Delivering Easter treats to hospitals

Hospital staff play a crucial role in today’s situation. In order to encourage our heroes on the field, we delivered some Easter treats to different hospitals.

A big thumbs up to our colleagues Nancy and Raf.

Having fun while working from home

For the past 6 weeks, we’ve been working from home to support our customers in difficult times.

Thanks to our colleague Hannelore, our team will be soon attending live webinars to upgrade our digital skills.

In addition, a big thumbs up to the whole team for the Easter sweets.

Helping our clients in difficult times

Life has essentially gone inside and online. With access to online tools easier than ever, now is the time to get creative and reach your leads and customers in new ways.

Our marketing consultants, skilled in different domains, are immediately available to help you achieve sustainable growth.

We’re in this together.

Find out how our experienced marketing & sales consultants can support you in this time of change.

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