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In May 2021, we welcomed Marie Van Puyenbroeck to our team, working as an HR officer at our 4P square HQ. Marie is passionate about the people she works with and their development, as well as developing her leadership skills. She will ensure that the company achieves its full potential by retaining and developing further our high-performance team.

This month we can celebrate Marie’s 1st anniversary at 4P.

Time to check in with her and discover her story as an HR officer.

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Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi, my name is Marie Van Puyenbroeck, 29 years old and I live in Hofstade together with my partner, my cat, and my lizard.

What are your main activities at 4P square?

First of all, as HR officer I am the point of contact for all HR-related questions. My main activities are guiding the on- and offboarding of consultants, processing payroll, event management, fleetmanagent, talent development and diverse HR projects focused on continuous improvement and so on.

What has been the most challenging in your job at 4P square so far?

The most challenging in my job, is that I have to support and satisfy both the management team and the employees, which can be challenging because of their different needs.

What are your strong points and where do you still want to grow in?

My strong points are that I am very punctual, organized and helpful. I still want to grow my interpersonal and management skills. In addition, my manager Nancy is constantly trying to pull me out of my comfort zone every day and she is helping me to become the best version of myself as an HR officer.

What gives you the most energy in your position?

What gives me the most energy in my position, is that I can help all 4P square team members, but also the variety in my job as HR officer is very challenging and gives me a lot of energy.

What has triggered you to join the 4P family?

The fact that they were looking for an HR generalist, which was really a position I was searching for. Secondly, the office is in Mechelen which is close to my house so that’s very nice. Last but not least, the perspectives to grow in my position and to invest in my personal development has triggered me to become a 4P’er.

If you could describe 4P in 3 words, which would those be?

Open-minded, dynamic and innovative.

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About the author

Géraldine is an enthusiastic marketeer with a can-do attitude, currently working as a Marketing Consultant at 4P square. She has obtained a master’s in International Marketing and started her career as Marketing Coordinator in the automotive sector. Géraldine prefers to work with transparent communication and is a firm believer of teamwork.

Want to know more about Géraldine? Feel free to start a conversation with her on LinkedIn.

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