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How we Made Telenet’s Clients Smile Again

In response to a decrease in customer satisfaction in 2015, Telenet decided to take action and developed a new campaign called “Helemaal mee”, in order to educate existing customers.

(Presentation by Telenet, Stima Congress 2016)

Telenet identified 3 main drivers for its significant decrease in customer satisfaction:

  1. Telenet strategy was too much focused on its acquisition of new customers.
  2. Customers are not capable to cope with the speed of innovation provided by Telenet.
  3. Permanent access to Wi-Fi is keyl! At home, the customer wants to be online 24/7 no matter where he is.

So how could Telenet make their clients smile again?

Telenet started to realize that they could go much further beyond customer satisfaction. Just by being more pro-active, more engaging with its customers and asking them simply questions such as “Is everything fine?” or “Are there any problems?”.

At the end, the customer became a delighted customer. The service given even topped their expectations. In addition they noticed that, across all touchpoints, the interaction with the Telenet installer was definitely the key touchpoint where the real difference was made. Adding the magic of human touch was vital.

Therefore, Telenet launched the ‘Helemaal mee’ campaign. A major message combining the 3 key elements: creating customer delight – exceeding customer expectation – optimal pleasure in using the products.

“We want all our customers to have fun using the Telenet products.”

Behind this campaign, each Telenet technician was given a full training. A well thought customer scenario needed to be followed up and executed:

  • Listen to the customer’s problems – mainly issues about hardware and the wi-fi connection.
  • Make the customer aware of the friendly apps, contributing to the correct use of the products.
  • A Q&A session at the end of the visit, to make sure that all other problems are directly resolved or simply to have a nice chat.

The visit was then followed up by an e-mail containing all subjects discussed during the visit. In addition, several communication tools were proposed and left behind with the customer.

The main purpose of these communication tools was to enhance the customer experience and to give clear and simply information, in addition to the explanation, earlier given by the Telenet technician.


  • 300.000 families were visited.
  • Positive feedback on social media leading into increased customer satisfaction.
  • Likeability of the brand rose with 18%
  • Increase of 10% on “providing clear information”

To top it all off, Telenet ‘Helemaal mee’ campaign was awarded with a Golden Effie award. Maybe the most important aspect of all was the human touch of the campaign.

The human interaction is a wonderful thing that will never be able to be replaced by robots or Artificial Intelligence.

“Our technicians even became local celebrities”

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