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Sarah | Go To Market officer | Private banking

Introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Sarah Slembrouck and I am currently working as a Marketing Consultant for 4p square for about 2 years now. The reason why I chose this job is because I get to work on certain projects in different industries which allows me to gain a lot of experience and knowledge. In short, it is a constant learning curve which is very exciting, and it enables me to grow as a marketing professional.

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What does your project entail?

I am a Go to Market Officer in the squad Affluent &amp Private Banking for our client. I am currently working on an important strategic project.

My main role is:

  • To coordinate all the necessary deliverables from a to z
  • Listen to stakeholders
  • Identify the needs of the deliverable
  • Define the content with the project team
  • Make proposals for validation and briefings for agencies and so on.

It is also key to have a very good overview of a planning of the deliverables and their deadlines.

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Describe your team and explain what you like the most about being part of that team.

Our squad consists of a Product Owner and several Go to Market Officers. What I love about our team is that everyone is kind, the atmosphere is friendly and we can have a laugh from time to time. The thing I value the most is that I feel there is a safe space to ask questions as everyone is always ready to help.

What are the 3 most important takeaways for you?

  1. Stakeholder Management.
  2. Project Management + very strict follow-up on your back planning.
  3. Well written proposals / briefings are key.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently with what you have learnt by now.

To ask more specific, in-depth questions in the beginning of the project. Thanks to that I would have a quicker grasp on the material and deliverables, which will lead to faster results as a go to market officer in private banking.

About the author

Sarah Slembrouck is an Allround Marketing Consultant and is an energetic, flexible and motivated Marketeer with experience in brand, trade, product and email marketing. She has a strong background in marketing project management and has excellent organizational and communication skills.

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Sarah Slembrouck

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Coordinator - Brand Marketeer


"Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want."

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